iGuide Virtual Tour

Interactive Real Estate Virtual Tour Platform

At Solution Gate we offer professional iGuide Virtual Tour in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket and all other surrounding cities.

iGUIDE is a listing platform for Real Estate professionals to share the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home. With iGUIDE virtual home tours, buyers don’t just see a home, they see themselves living there. iGuide virtual home tours open listings to a limitless number of buyers from anywhere in the world. iGUIDE Virtual tour lets you experience the property down to the smallest detail, with the clarity of stepping through the front door.

Our iGuide real estate virtual tour service allows you have keep on 24/7 Virtual Open House without having to deal with showings or appointments.

Our professional iGuide Virtual Tour in Toronto starts as low as $275. 

  • 360° Images

    Visually explore whatever you want from the perspective of someone standing in the property.

  • Floor Plans

    An interactive part of the iGUIDE 3D tour and can be downloaded as pdf, jpg, svg, or dxf.

  • Room Dimensions

    Reliable measurements and floor plans with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% or smaller.

  • Square footage & Floor areas

    Reliable measurements and floor plans with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% or smaller.

  • Advanced Measurements

    Freedom of measure either directly in the floor plan or in an image on the iGUIDE 3D tour. This is next level virtual immersion in a property

iGuide Virtual Tour Process

What to expect when ordering iGuide Virtual Tour

iGuide Virtual Tour turn-around time is 24 hours. Within 24 hours you’ll receive your ultimate real estate tour along with your HDR photos. We offer premium listing page to complete your virtual tour, make your listing stand above all others.


The iGUIDE Report

Receive the iGUIDE report with links to the 3D tour, professional images, embed code and property details.


Share the iGUIDE

Post on social media, link to search sites, email the tour and embed on a website, realtor.ca to get more potential buyers.


Analyze the Results

With iGUIDE Analytics you can track visits, examine duration of tours and evaluate marketing effectiveness, and understand your market.


iGuide Virtual Tour

Permanent Spot on Realtor.ca

iGuide now has a permanent spot on Realtor.ca

Real Estate iGuide Virtual Tour

Establish an Online Identity

Embed iGUIDE to easily showcase the property information buyers are looking for and make your website a sought-after location for your current and prospective clients for all things real estate.

iGuide Virtual Tour Toronto

Boost Your Social Engagement

Catch the attention of buyer agents and prospective buyers by posting professional content with great visuals. Photospheres and interactive virtual tours prompt viewers to engage with the property and a call to action will prompt them to engage with you.